Need a local house cleaning company?

We've been offering cleaning services for the past 15 years all around the UK and have many happy clients as seen on our reviews page.

We offer two different types of cleans - see below

Our one-off cleans are for times when you really need a clean such as after having a party. The one-off will leave your house completely clean. You won't end up being unsatisfied. All our cleaners have insurance policies to cover the clean whilst inside your house, to ensure that on a unlikely mishap anything is broken, you'll know it's covered by our insurance policy. Our cleaners will always use your own personal cleaning products in addition to cleaning tools to make certain only items you favor are used, to ensure you are not allergic to them. Furthermore, it keeps the cost of our cleaning services lower and our cleaners do not have to bring their own cleaning tools around to your property.

Regular fortnightly cleaning services.

Our regular cleaning services enable you to meet the pre-selected cleaner first before any kind of work takes place and only if you are happy to agree to a start date and time . If you would Prefer to choose your cleaner just contact us and we can easily prepare that for you. One-off cleaning starting from a small £13 each hour You simply pay a single payment of £30 after you book your one-off clean and then you pay your cleaner each hour directly on the day of the clean, for the the quantity of hours you may want.

Why you should should choose us?

We've been providing domestic cleaning services for many years nationwide and we know exactly what our consumers expect. You'll be given a totally insurance covered as well as vetted cleaner along with sickness and holiday cover. When you are happy with your current cleaner and are satisfied with them, they will be your regular cleaner. we do not send out different cleaners every-time! Unhappy with your standard of the cleaner, or just want to change? Simply just contact us , and we can easily arrange a change within days. Ironing can be included in your clean at absolutely no added expense just remember to leave sufficient time inside the cleaning timetable!